Blue Topaz Gemstone

INR15000 INR18000

Amethyst Gemstones

INR16000 INR19200

Panna Gemstone

INR12000 INR14400

Yellow Topaz Gemstone

INR16000 INR19200

rubi gemstone

INR20000 INR24000


INR18000 INR21600

kashmiri Ruby Gemstones

INR19000 INR22800

beautiful Blue Sapphire

INR12000 INR14400

Rare Gems collection

INR10000 INR12000

Rare Corundum Sapphire

INR22000 INR26400

Antique Sapphire Rings

INR21000 INR25200

Antique yellow Sapphire Rings

INR25000 INR30000
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